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GM Collins

G.M. Collin skin care line was founded in France in 1957 by Dr. Eugénia Lapinet, a dermatologist and pioneer in the use of collagen pellicules, and Monique Moreau, a renowned professional aesthetician.
Since 1991, the G.M. Collin dermo-corrective skin care line has been developed and manufactured by Dermo-Cosmetik Laboratories in Montreal, Canada. Initially, the scientific team reformulated existing formulas to adapt them to the North American climate, and throughout the years, they have developed an array of new products derived from recent technologies. Research and Development is a major part of the G.M. Collin chemists' daily program as they systematically work on continued improvements and innovative products.


New Quantum Micro-V Technology is a careful blend of keratin amino acids, silk protein, vitamins & antioxidants. Micro-V's antioxidants combined with PABA-Free sunscreen protect hair from environmental & styling stress, and from harmful UV rays. All Quantum products are formulated to work in tandem. While each product does perform independently, layering of products increases the benefits to the hair.



This System is seen on some of the most famous nails in the world. Beautiful part is, you can do it yourself. It's that easy.
Let's start with your Nail Type.
Identifying your nail type is the key to getting great results. Are your nails Dry, Brittle, Normal, or Damaged? Then, simply choose what you need. There are three treatment categories: Custom Basics, Essentials, and Correctives. Let's look at what each does.


Natural strength for your feet. GEHWOL helps. Whichever GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT product you choose will be a good choice because you will have bought quality. This range has been developed in close collaboration with chiropodists and offers help with all of the most common foot problems. You can obtain GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT products wherever your feet are in good hands.

Australian Body Care

recipes originate from the rich landscape of the Australian bush, inspired by the ancient traditions of the Aborigines who discovered the curative effects of using natural ingredients to cleanse and care for the hair and body.
products will harmonise with your body whilst promoting and restoring the natural balance to your hair and skin. Just what you need to help guard against the harsher aspects of today's hectic lifestyles. A new decade has brought us new challenges and exciting opportunities to be realised.

Maternity Scrubs

MaternityPant - Covered elastic comfort waistband with adjustable button closure on each side. Deep diagonal pockets

Top - Specially designed Maternity Scrub Top, side split, two large front pockets, pencil pockets on left sleeve.

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